SF Training Hoodie, a hidden gem for low cost HEMA jackets?

A few months ago, my club put in an order with Superior Fencing to build up our loaner gear. I decided to order the training hoodie for myself as a light jacket for synthetic sparring. The product far exceeded my expectations and contains features that they do not advertise on the website for reasons that… Continue reading SF Training Hoodie, a hidden gem for low cost HEMA jackets?

English Longsword for German / Italian Longsword HEMA Students

English longsword is a separate branch to the more established Italian and German traditions. The source material is very limited so there are far more holes that need to be filled with speculation than the aforementioned traditions. The goal of this document is to provide a helpful key for students of the German or Italian… Continue reading English Longsword for German / Italian Longsword HEMA Students

Joachim Meyer, Getting the Point

At my club, we practice a mixture of Fiore and Liechtenauer traditions with a slight emphasis on Liechtenauer. As I progressed through the program and achieved my apprentice rank, I needed to pick a treatise for independent study in order to move to the rank of scholar. I decided to go with Joachim Meyer’s 1570… Continue reading Joachim Meyer, Getting the Point

Pros and Cons of VB Swords, Viktor Berbekucz

For those looking for low cost HEMA steel swords, the VB products made by Viktor Berbekucz present a tempting option. The prices are generally low and availability is good, two qualities that are hard to find in HEMA equipment. I have a number of their products and some trends have presented themselves that I wanted… Continue reading Pros and Cons of VB Swords, Viktor Berbekucz

Kvetun Armoury Meyer Rapier Review

Over the past year, I have been working my way through Joachim Meyer’s system. While I started with the longsword, I have been finding new insights in his other weapon systems. I always like to try and use training tools that approximate the source material, so I ordered a Meyer Rapier from Kvetun Armoury. https://kvetun-armoury.com/side-sword/meyers-rapier.html. … Continue reading Kvetun Armoury Meyer Rapier Review

The Scheitelhau Effect

Other than a decidedly HEMA-themed band name, what is the “scheitelhau effect”? This is a term we have been using in our club to describe instances where techniques are dependent on reaction to threat and/or fear of injury that would come from fighting with sharp swords. The phrase comes from our experience with scheitelhau, the… Continue reading The Scheitelhau Effect

Impressions of the Castille Complete Economy Small Sword

Smallswords are intriguing as a system, but I have not been a fan of most of the lower-cost training swords on the market because they tend to use epee blades. I understand that epee blades are a light, safe, and economical way to produce a smallsword, but I don’t like the look of them. They… Continue reading Impressions of the Castille Complete Economy Small Sword