Sword Feats

I recently ordered a reprint copy of Lessons in sabre, singlestick, sabre & bayonet, and sword feats; how to use a cut-and-thrust sword by J.M. Waite from abebooks.com to add to my HEMA library. Near the end, there is a list of “Sword Feats” that I found very interesting and wanted to share. A sabre is used in each of the illustrations and the author states that the sword needs to be sized and balanced for the strength and size of the swordsman. ·      Lead Bar Cutting – Cut a triangular bar of lead that is 12 inches in length … Continue reading Sword Feats

Koning Gloves, 2 Year Review

Koning Gloves are my favorite piece of kit and have kept my hands safe for two years. In the time I have owned them, I have taken many hits to the hands from synthetic and steel weapons alike. Once broken-in (more on this later), I have found the mobility and flexibility to be better than any other gloves I have tried. The Koning glove is a heavy HEMA glove with at least 4 layers: The first layer is leather and provides much of the glove’s distinct look and toughness. Second, there are internal plates that align when the hand is … Continue reading Koning Gloves, 2 Year Review

Purpleheart Armoury Messer Basic Trainer V3 Review

I recently ordered four basic messer trainers from Purpleheart. After a about two months of use, I wanted to share my impressions of the product. https://www.woodenswords.com/product_p/messer.trainer.gry.htm The TLDR version is that these are excellent products for the money, especially for a club. While I would not want to spar full speed with these due to their lack of flexibility, their weight and balance provide a good approximation of much more expensive trainers. I am very happy with the handle length for practicing handle wrap plays. I also really like that the nagel is attached by a ring backing making it … Continue reading Purpleheart Armoury Messer Basic Trainer V3 Review

Joachim Meyer, the flawed master

At my club, we practice a mixture of Fiore and Liechtenauer traditions with a slight emphasis on Liechtenauer. As I progressed through the program and achieved my apprentice rank, I needed to pick a treatise for independent study in order to move to the rank of scholar. I decided to go with Joachim Meyer for a number of reasons: The other scholars in my school had not chosen him He is a major influencer on modern HEMA I like the look of his book A few of the more advanced people in my class gave me grief about Meyer being … Continue reading Joachim Meyer, the flawed master

Baskethilt Scottish Broadsword VB Stryker Hybrid from Purpleheart Armory

*UPDATE*, 8/17/19 – I have decided to return this sword to Purpleheart due to another person posting pictures of a pierced basket. While I had no issues with this sword once I had completed the mod detailed below, I just didn’t feel safe sparring full speed with steel. Purpleheart was very helpful and informative in this process and I really appreciate their ownership, communication, and flexibility. The blade is really quite good and I hope that another revision of the basket provides a viable product. * I recently purchased the Baskethilt Scottish Broadsword VB Stryker Hybrid from Purpleheart armory and … Continue reading Baskethilt Scottish Broadsword VB Stryker Hybrid from Purpleheart Armory

Site for making 3D Printed sword handles

Just a quick post to share a site that lets you create custom 3D printed sword handles – https://powerful-sands-30060.herokuapp.com. Once you enter the measurements and taper of your tang, the site outputs a file that you can take to a 3D printer (provided the printer can make objects that large). You could also send the files to one of the many online printing services if you don’t have access to a printer. Thought I would share, took quite a bit of online searching to find this so I wanted to do my small part to raise awareness of a cool … Continue reading Site for making 3D Printed sword handles


Harnischfechten is an important, yet under-represented part of HEMA. I suspect this is due to the high startup costs associated with getting a full set of functional armor. Still, many of the primary HEMA sources spend a fair amount of time discussing armored combat. If we want to study the breadth of HEMA, then we need to look at armored fighting. When I started researching the subject, I was surprised by the lack of content for people starting out online. Simple google searches turn up mostly costume or decretive armor. I posted a question to reddit and got some interesting … Continue reading Harnischfechten