Contact, Equipment List, And Web Links

Robert Kay

Kit– List of all my equipment with links

3Rivers Archery Supply – Your Longbow & Recurve Bow ExpertsArchery Store, sells historical archery supplies
Steel Mastery means Medieval Armor!Armor Site
Medieval hand-crafted armor shop Age of CraftArmor Site
The Armour ArchiveArmor Site
The Cateran Society | An Comunn CeatharnachBroadsword Resources
HEMAAHEMA Alliance site and club finder
THOKK – Historical FencingHEMA Gear
Absolute Force – Boxing, Karate, Judo, Taekwondo, Wrestling, Fencing, Sambo, Jiu-Jitsu, HemaHEMA Gear
Welcome | HROARRHEMA Resources
In Stock! – Hema SuppliesHEMA Supply Store
WELCOME TO SUPERIOR FENCINGHEMA Supply Store, cheap, takes a long time to get stuff
Purpleheart ArmouryHEMA Supply Store, my favorite
South Coast SwordsHEMA Synthetic Sword Site
Iron Gate ExhibitionHEMA Tournament I attend
www.saintmark.seKoning Glove Site
Hammaborg – Historischer SchwertkampfMeyer HEMA school site in Germany
Robert Kay – HEMA Ratings BetaMy HEMA Ratings, long way to go….
Noble Science Academy My Home Club
Historical European Martial Arts Enthusiast – HEMAMy own HEMA Site (this site!) | Musing about Dell’Arte Di Scrimia Libre TreNeat HEMA site, has not been updated in some time
Knighthood, Chivalry & Tournaments Resource Library
Sword STEM – Science applied to sword martial artsNeat Site applying science to sword fighting
Freelance Academy Press – BooksOne of the places I get HEMA books from
Wise Peasants – Everything About the Art of FencingOnline HEMA reviews
Measure and WeighOnline HEMA reviews
Wiktenauer, the world’s largest library of Historical European Martial Arts books and manuscripts ~☞ Insquequo omnes gratuiti fiuntOnline Repository of Historical Documents

Kult Of Athena – swords, axes, maces, flails, and other medieval weapons

HEMA Guide
Online Sword Merchant, also sells armor. Mostly Sharps

HEMA Articles and blog
Welcome to Ense et Mente
Reinier van Noort’s personal site
marozzo.comSidesword Resources
Home Page — myArmoury.comSite for Sword Collectors
The Smallsword Project | A contextual repository for the study of the smallsword & its influence on classical fencing.Smallsword Resources
Balefire BladesSword Seller
Kvetun ArmourySword Seller
Poker Armory – HEMA/SCA weapons from PolandSword Seller
HEMA – SGT BladesSword Seller
Landsknecht EmporiumSword Seller
Castille Armory – SWORDS, SCA, HEMASword Seller
Darkwood Armory, your source for historical fencingSword Seller
Hurstwic Viking CombatViking Resources