Online HEMA Resources for Training at Home

COVD-19 has impacted the ability of many HEMA clubs (including my own) to meet in person. In the interests of in-home training, here are some online resources I have used to continue my studies. While I have found that there is no true replacement for in-person practice and instruction, it can be helpful to get different perspectives on interpretations or to learn about a weapon or system your club does not study. 

I have personally tried the following services:

  • – Bolognese system, mostly related to sidesword. I paid for an unlimited membership before they changed their pricing model to subscription. The quality is very good and the lessons are well thought out and organized. Highly recommended if you are interested in the sidesword. If you need a low cost training sword for self study, see my review of this indoor friendly product for only $45: Weighted Indoor Sidesword Trainer 
  • Sword Carolina Online – For only $15 per month, this option is much cheaper than traditional HEMA schools. Focus is mostly on Longsword. I really like that they bring you into the school Facebook group so you get a sense of comradery and are able to ask questions of the instructors. I eventually stopped paying the subscription when I worked my way through all their videos and new content was not coming out very fast. Very much worth it to sign up for a few months and use it like a limited course, but probably not something for long term unless they have increased the pace of their content creation. See my review on the Indoor Longsword Trainer VB Style, V1 from Purpleheart Armoury if you need something to swing around without breaking your furniture.  
  • The messer of Johannes Lecküchner – Video series that you can rent or purchase online. If you are interested in Messer, these videos will walk you through techniques, footwork, and drills. These videos are a bit older and I think the general consensus on some of the interpretations have changed a bit, but they are still excellent study aids. 
  • The Cateran Society | An Comunn Ceatharnach – Broadsword study with online videos, coaching, and support. This resource is amazing in that there is no charge to enter or use their services, they only ask that you remain engaged in the process. Although I don’t think it is required, I believe it would be hard to follow the program without their book “Lessons of the Broadsword Masters”, but they only charge $25 for the paperback or $5 for the ebook. Books on the Cateran System. Great resource. 

I have not used the following services so I can’t provide any recommendation:

There are also a number of YouTube resources available free of charge. Here are some of my favorites:

Compare what you see with the source material at Wiktenauer.

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