Indoor Longsword Trainer VB Style, V1 from Purpleheart Armoury

Given the pandemic, many people are unable to attend their normal HEMA classes. Space and ceiling height constraints make practicing longsword at home challenging. My ceiling has its fair share of battle wounds from previous home sessions when times were better. 

My ceilings (and wife) have very much appreciated my investment in the Indoor Longsword Trainer made by VB and sold through Purpleheart Armoury. The swell near the end of the “blade” makes the trainer feel like a normal sword when you move it around while maintaining a small profile. This setup functions well for solo drills and shadow fencing, but will isn’t viable for any type of bind work. If you need to scratch the itch of swinging a sword around inside, this may work well for you. 

I have chosen to make some modifications to my trainer to match my preferences but I don’t believe these are required. First, the trainer arrives with a point of balance at the crossguard. Most swords have a POB more forward so I have added weights in the form of large washers to the end of the trainer and have held them in place with hockey tape and flexidip. This moves the POB forward by about 1.5 inches. Second, the leather-wrapped handle the trainer comes with has a seam along the side that I didn’t like so I did an over-wrap of masonry line. 

The trainer matches weight closely with my short Regenyei feder. If I am being picky, the handle is a bit long but not to the point where I have tried to make a modification. It moves well and feels good. The trainer comes apart for travel but I don’t often take this step as it only really helps with the crossguard. I have put this trainer into my checked bag when flying a few times in the past and have not had any problems. Hotel room longsword technique-work is more fun than it should be. 

I really like this trainer and would highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for a way to solo practice at home or on the road where space is a concern.

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