Infinity Gloves by Sparring Gloves – Review

Five finger HEMA gloves that provide good protection? The list of contenders is surprisingly short. With my beloved Koning gloves apparently having gone the way of black lance and armadillo gloves (extinct), there are only a few steel-capable options on the market. Sparring Gloves has two options; the Infinity glove that I am reviewing here… Continue reading Infinity Gloves by Sparring Gloves – Review

Blackfencer Synthetic Kriegsmesser Review

The Blackfencer synthetic kriegsmesser is a bit of an oddity when it comes to kriegsmesser training tools. Compared to the other available training options of this weapon type, the Blackfencer is balanced much more closely to what I believe to be typical original weapon specs. When you pick it up, you immediately feel how forward… Continue reading Blackfencer Synthetic Kriegsmesser Review

Online HEMA Resources for Training at Home

COVD-19 has impacted the ability of many HEMA clubs (including my own) to meet in person. In the interests of in-home training, here are some online resources I have used to continue my studies. While I have found that there is no true replacement for in-person practice and instruction, it can be helpful to get… Continue reading Online HEMA Resources for Training at Home

SF Training Hoodie, a hidden gem for low cost HEMA jackets?

A few months ago, my club put in an order with Superior Fencing to build up our loaner gear. I decided to order the training hoodie for myself as a light jacket for synthetic sparring. The product far exceeded my expectations and contains features that they do not advertise on the website for reasons that… Continue reading SF Training Hoodie, a hidden gem for low cost HEMA jackets?

English Longsword for German / Italian Longsword HEMA Students

English longsword is a separate branch to the more established Italian and German traditions. The source material is very limited so there are far more holes that need to be filled with speculation than the aforementioned traditions. The goal of this document is to provide a helpful key for students of the German or Italian… Continue reading English Longsword for German / Italian Longsword HEMA Students

Joachim Meyer, Getting the Point

At my club, we practice a mixture of Fiore and Liechtenauer traditions with a slight emphasis on Liechtenauer. As I progressed through the program and achieved my apprentice rank, I needed to pick a treatise for independent study in order to move to the rank of scholar. I decided to go with Joachim Meyer’s 1570… Continue reading Joachim Meyer, Getting the Point