English Longsword for German / Italian Longsword HEMA Students

English longsword is a separate branch to the more established Italian and German traditions. The source material is very limited so there are far more holes that need to be filled with speculation than the aforementioned traditions. The goal of this document is to provide a helpful key for students of the German or Italian… Continue reading English Longsword for German / Italian Longsword HEMA Students

Strategies for the Middle-Aged Fencer

My opponent and I circle, just out of measure. We adopt various counter guards based on what we see in each other's posture and perceived intent. The moment comes, and my opponent launches a thrust to my mask. I was waiting for this, I can see it coming, but my body can’t move as fast… Continue reading Strategies for the Middle-Aged Fencer

Getting Started with Messer in HEMA

If you are curious about the Messer as a HEMA weapon or just starting out, I hope the information below is helpful. Feedback is welcome and appreciated in the comments. Messer Curriculum PDF - Download My goal with this article is to share the sources that got me going as well as provide the Messer… Continue reading Getting Started with Messer in HEMA

Wrist Mobility is more important than Glove Mobility

There is no shortage of online HEMA articles regarding gloves. Pros and cons of mitten versus fingered, hard shell versus leather, and even steel versus modern materials. I have tried Red Dragons, SPES Heavies, and Koning Gloves (my favorite) and have to say that while the finger and hand placement is certainly a big deal,… Continue reading Wrist Mobility is more important than Glove Mobility