Online HEMA Resources for Training at Home

COVD-19 has impacted the ability of many HEMA clubs (including my own) to meet in person. In the interests of in-home training, here are some online resources I have used to continue my studies. While I have found that there is no true replacement for in-person practice and instruction, it can be helpful to get… Continue reading Online HEMA Resources for Training at Home

Site for making 3D Printed sword handles

Just a quick post to share a site that lets you create custom 3D printed sword handles - Once you enter the measurements and taper of your tang, the site outputs a file that you can take to a 3D printer (provided the printer can make objects that large). You could also send the… Continue reading Site for making 3D Printed sword handles

Joined the Cateran Society – Scottish Martial Arts

I have joined the Cateran Society and am looking forward to more structured learning on the basket hilted broadsword and other Scottish arms. Although I am new, I am very impressed with the system of instructional videos and documents that they put together along with a mentor program, all free of charge. It is… Continue reading Joined the Cateran Society – Scottish Martial Arts

Highland Broadsword Study Sources

Just read Highland Broadsword by Christopher Scott Thompson. Great book, looking forward to trying out the system. Link to the book: Also see his later book, includes even more info:

Reasonable broadswords for HEMA?

Both Purpleheart and Blackfencer have very nice synthetics for broadsword practice, but there are very few reasonably priced steel broadswords out there that are safe to spar with. SGT blades seems to be the closest right now with a $375 option, but the basket is pretty huge as it is designed to fit a… Continue reading Reasonable broadswords for HEMA?