Reasonable broadswords for HEMA?

Both Purpleheart and Blackfencer have very nice synthetics for broadsword practice, but there are very few reasonably priced steel broadswords out there that are safe to spar with. SGT blades seems to be the closest right now with a $375 option, but the basket is pretty huge as it is designed to fit a Red Dragon glove in it. If we have the basket, why do we need this? Castile makes a very nice one, but it is $700. Everything else right now is made from Hanwei or cold steel hilts with blades from other places as far as I can tell. I know Balefire blades is coming out with something, will be interesting to see the cost and some reviews.

UPDATE, 11/28/19: Castile has come out with a budget friendly economy broadsword for $260. I have ordered one and will post thoughts on it when I have had a chance to use it for a while.