SF Training Hoodie, a hidden gem for low cost HEMA jackets?

A few months ago, my club put in an order with Superior Fencing to build up our loaner gear. I decided to order the training hoodie for myself as a light jacket for synthetic sparring. The product far exceeded my expectations and contains features that they do not advertise on the website for reasons that I cannot fathom.

The sweatshirt is well made with a breathable inner liner and a removable hood. They offer customized colors and optional embroidery, I had my club logo added to the back. The sizing is consistent with what I would expect.

OK, here is the kicker. This sweatshirt contains built-in elbow, shoulder, and neck protection. Inside the sweatshirt are pockets that are secured with velcro that hold fairly robust foam rubber-like padding. The neck area contains a gorget with a blade catcher. When I put the sweatshirt on for the first time, I could not believe that these features were not highlighted on the website! While I don’t use this for steel sparring, I have taken some solid hits to the elbows and shoulders with synthetic longswords and I find the protection to be excellent. The site claims 350n level of protection, but I have read some things that make me question what that really means.

If you are looking for a light jacket or low cost club gear for beginners, I highly recommend this product for only $70. The shipping costs from Superior Fencing are somewhat high, so I would recommend ordering with a group of people to spread out the costs if that is an option for you.


2 thoughts on “SF Training Hoodie, a hidden gem for low cost HEMA jackets?”

  1. Like wearing around? I wouldn’t. The neck protection (gorget) is the main reason. There is a plastic plate in there for protection, feels like wearing a stiff turtleneck.

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