Weighted Indoor Sidesword Trainer

Found this item while browsing Etsy and decided to try it out. Indoor trainers are great for practicing when space is limited or getting in some drills while traveling. This particular trainer is a sidesword, but you could use it for just about any one handed sword given the adjustable weights.

The design is simple, but very effective. The product is 3D printed and feels solid in the hand. Stacked washers are used to simulate the pommel as well as provide slidable weights along the “blade”. Washers are a great idea for a couple of reasons. First, you can not only use the slides to change the point of balance, but you can also easily add or remove them for additional customization. Second, washers are available at any hardware store for negligible cost if you need more. 

Given that indoor longsword trainers from VB or Mblades cost over $100, this product is a steal at $45. If you are looking for something to let you train in smaller spaces without breaking your furniture, lights, or loved ones, this is a great option. 

You can purchase the product here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/849668625/weighted-indoor-sidesword-trainer-hema?ref=hp_rf-1 

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