Blackfencer Synthetic Kriegsmesser Review

The Blackfencer synthetic kriegsmesser is a bit of an oddity when it comes to kriegsmesser training tools. Compared to the other available training options of this weapon type, the Blackfencer is balanced much more closely to what I believe to be typical original weapon specs. When you pick it up, you immediately feel how forward weighted this weapon is and how much it wants to cut. The wide blade and small pommel make for a weapon that feels distinctly different from a longsword. The accurate balance is both the greatest strength and weakness of this particular training tool. The design makes for a realistic feel for solo exercises, but that same weight makes it tough to control in full speed sparring. While this is a synthetic, I would be very concerned about concussions if a full speed hit were to land even wearing full gear. One thing I do like about it being a synthetic is that it keeps the cost down for what ends up being a bit of a niche addition to my HEMA sword collection. Still, I am fascinated with messers and having this tool available to practice with has been well worth the money. 

There are an increasing number of kriegsmesser training tools available in both steel and synthetic versions. Many of the other training weapons that I am aware of are weighted in such a way to make them more safe during sparring. While this is attractive for many people, I believe these tools will behave much more closely to longswords and are therefore not necessarily accurate if you want something that behaves like a true kriegsmesser. In the end, it comes down to what is important to you and how you wish to use the weapon. If you are looking for a tool for solo drills, pell work, or something for light sparring, the Blackfencer kriegsmesser may be a great fit. If you want to spar at full speed, you may wish to look elsewhere. 


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