Joined the Cateran Society – Scottish Martial Arts

I have joined the Cateran Society and am looking forward to more structured learning on the basket hilted broadsword and other Scottish arms. Although I am new, I am very impressed with the system of instructional videos and documents that they put together along with a mentor program, all free of charge. It is clear they are passionate about sharing this knowledge. Continue reading Joined the Cateran Society – Scottish Martial Arts


Smallsword is another weapon that I have an interest learning more about, but for different reasons than any other weapon I have studied. Longswords, broadswords, and rapiers were developed as highly refined killing tools for their situations. In contrast, smallswords seem to have been defined by fashion and society rather than lethality. Why people would trust their lives with a weapon that is just not as effective as a rapier is something worth learning more about. Here is a neat website that talks about the systems: UPDATE 5/19/19 – I have done some light sparing with a smallsword recently … Continue reading Smallsword

Reasonable broadswords for HEMA?

Both Purpleheart and Blackfencer have very nice synthetics for broadsword practice, but there are very few reasonably priced steel broadswords out there that are safe to spar with. SGT blades seems to be the closest right now with a $375 option, but the basket is pretty huge as it is designed to fit a Red Dragon glove in it. If we have the basket, why do we need this? Castile makes a very nice one, but it is $700. Everything else right now is made from Hanwei or cold steel hilts with blades from other places as far as … Continue reading Reasonable broadswords for HEMA?

Just starting out…

I have been studying HEMA for a little over a year and wanted a place to share some of my thoughts around the process, equipment, and general experience. I have studied Longsword, rapier, Scottish broadsword, sidesword, sword and buckler, and a bit of dagger in class and have done some independent messer work. Longsword is where most of my experience is, but am not an authority by any means. I have fought in one tournament and am looking forward to further tournaments in the future as I found it very enjoyable. At 43 years, I am a bit on the … Continue reading Just starting out…