Kvetun Armoury Meyer Rapier Review

Over the past year, I have been working my way through Joachim Meyer’s system. While I started with the longsword, I have been finding new insights in his other weapon systems. I always like to try and use training tools that approximate the source material, so I ordered a Meyer Rapier from Kvetun Armoury. https://kvetun-armoury.com/side-sword/meyers-rapier.html

Ordering was easy and the people at Kvetun could not have been more helpful in answering my questions and getting back to me with updates. When the sword arrived, I noted that the length was a few centimeters shorter than what I had ordered. I reached out to provide feedback, and Kvetun insisted that they send me another sword, despite me stating that it was not necessary. This type of customer focus is welcome and refreshing compared to some other HEMA vendors I have worked with. I will certainly be ordering from them again. 

The sword itself is beautiful. The flex is very impressive yet does not feel whippy at all when cutting. The tip is wide and feels safe for sparring. Mine has a bit more of a schilt than the ones on the Kvetun website examples have, but I like this for protecting my hand while sparring in light gloves. I was surprised by how much lighter the rapier feels in the hand than you would think by looking at it. I am particularly fond of the hilt shape and construction. The leather handle is comfortable and the shape holds my hand in place against the large pommel. The tang is screw-on, but I have not had to tighten mine yet despite weekly use. I did have to bend the knuckle-bow out a bit to accommodate my Koning gloves for full speed sparring, but this was easy to do. 

All in all, I am very happy with the purchase and would highly recommend not only this sword, but Kvetun Armoury as a supplier.

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