Hosting a HEMA Tournament – Lessons Learned and Costs

In a prior post, I mentioned that my school was going to attempt to host our own tournament. After crunching the numbers, we have ultimately decided not to go forward (at least for this year) due to the potential financial burden and logistical strain on a small school. I did want to pass along what I found in case it helps anyone else out there looking to put on a HEMA tournament. The spreadsheet below (I will attach it) calculates costs when the fields are updated and provides an estimate of total costs outside of catering and lodging. My expectation was the optional costs of lodging and catering would be passed onto the people signing up for the event and not a burden on the organizer beyond negotiating a group rate. Hopefully, we will be able to pull this together at some point in the future!

Item Cost Notes
Field Rental (Per 9 hours) $1,125
Insurance $125 We are not HEMAA affiliated, but we use the same insurance
HEMAA Support Estimate $0 HEMAA provides funds to help get events off the ground, we would not be able to as we are no longer affiliated.
EMTs $0 Unknown – Can just use 911
Website + Ecommerce $216 Squarespace, included domain name and eCommerce (cost per year)
Misc. Costs $100 Tables, score boards, prizes
Scoring $0 Using free scoring from HEMARatings
Total Cost Per Day $1,566 Total Costs per Day to host the event (catering separate)
Days 1 Change to make into Multi-Day Event
Total Costs $1,566 Includes multi-day costs
Dues $45 Change number to alter Estimate
Variable Costs $1.35 Cost per website transaction. (Squarespace site takes 3%)
Participants 40 Change number to alter Estimate
Break Even Participants 36 Calculated Value, this is the number of participants you need to Break-Even given other costs – Fixed Costs / (Dues – Variable Costs)
Income $1,746 (Dues-Variable Costs) * Participants
Profit $180 Income – costs

Sword_Tourn – Excel file

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