Blending Together

As I study different types of sword styles, I am noticing more and more commonality between weapons. This makes sense, there are only so many different ways people can use a sharp, edged weapon with a handle on one end in an effective manner. That being said, I didn’t expect to be able to apply rapier techniques to longsword and vise-versa as much as I am doing lately. Winding, tip control, and strong versus weak all apply pretty much universally.
At first, I was concerned that broadening focus from one weapon to many would dilute my fencing ability by spreading me too thin. This has not really been the case as what I learn tends to have some application regardless of weapon. The one exception I can point out is broadsword. The concept of having your hand defended at all times changes the dynamic of the defensive strategy pretty significantly and I can only really use that learning within broadsword. I tried using rapier as a broadsword in free play last night, and it was pretty effective defensively, but I am not sure the cuts from a blade that thin would be martially effective.

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